Light Bunker I

This section present several versions of a project which is set in a desert area where shade is rewarded.  How to reproduce with a renew interest the typical shading which can  be qualify as hard shading, because of its very strong contrast of light and shade, it generates.

I find striking how highly contrasted light and shade pattern projected into a space can totally define or redefine it. Certain patterns are more prone to modify the perception of the space.This is exactly what I was looking for: on one hand taming the strong light, on the second hand enhancing the presence of the sun using reflection devices. These devices, I found out, introduce chaos in some case and structure in some others.

But before describing each version, let’s look at another sources of inspiration.

The Mediterranean basin typical sun and shading systems generate hard contrast which are not unlike the one found in the “Noir” movies genre of the thirties in the US, which privilege also this type of unuanced lighting, strong , black and white contrast.


There are several reason, first of all, it was a technical necessity to shoot and expose the film which needed a lot of light to be exposed due to their very low sensibility,  secondly because it served the narration and mood of the movie, which inspired by the German expressionism, used the black and white also a symbolic feature.

Many scenes were set at night with supposedly scares lighting, in  basement or underground setting,  again because these were the studio conditions, where light could be controlled and given in large quantity.

Essentially, the space it created, were large black environment lite by patches of light which gave the depth. This “Noir” represent a very loosely defined space, very abstract and unstructured.

One scene from He walk by night: is particularly relevant. A man run with a flashlight in a dark corridor, defining its space as he goes.

Similar scene extracted from a documentary on bunkers.

Light Bunker Serie 2008 -2009

This serie of projects are called light bunker, not only because of their roughness , but also because they are conceived as a protective shell against the harsh environment of the desert.

The perception of the environment in these bunker is secondary, unlike the military bunker of the atlantic wall, described by Paul Virillio. Just the linear cut of the observation windows is kept as a means to perceive the outside and transform in an array of linear cut into the shell

Before all it is a space within, on the contrary of the Timescape, the light bunkers are non generic space, meaning not shaped as a box but as some kind of potatoid, the aim is to take advantage of the form and its interaction with the light projected onto it.

more details : see ” Light Bunker II ” post.