Light X

This room is directly coming from the Light explosion photographic serie which was done during summer 1996 to summer 1998. How to make the light explosion appears at the scale of a room ?Scaling it from a small artefact to a light projection at scale of a room. Actually these projections at large scale are quite common, particularly next to office building, facing the sun. If one looks in the street in front of the facade which is under the sun, there is often a large grid of light patches, one of each window pane.

In this room, the projection is obtained by the reflection of the solar light flow onto a large continuous surface of stainless steel mirror finish positioned outside of the room and oriented south.This surface of reflection is shaped in order to create a caustics projection inside. The transforming of the main caustic is due to the sun angular variation through the year and through the day. To reduce the intensity of the light projection but also to enhance its three dimensional appearance, the projection is filtered by a micro perforated tensioned fabric which transformed the flow of light in a flock of points of light.