Light eXplosion

This serie is before all the fruit of faith, the discovery of a white shadow coming from a piece of mirror paper in a trash filled with sunlight.Theses white shadows or « Light explosions » according to Bernardo Zavattini were in fact some caustics,a pattern of projected light resulting from either the passage of light through a transparent material not fully homogeneous either by the refection of light over an surface not fully flat, slightly altered. The non homogeneity of the material or of the surface is creating an alteration of the flow of photon.

Light is omnipresent. One meets these light projections daily, even if they are usually ignored.  They possess a real sculptural presence, always with an ambiguity, a fragility or even an underlying instability. One perceives some forms  even though it is a projection on a plan, with some overlapping and transparencies that undermine the coherence of this pseudo three dimensional spaces.

The pictures presented hereby show a fixed state of a totally instable phenomenon, in constant movement, due to the light sources (angle + intensity), the manipulation of the reflectors.