Moonlight storm


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This serie was taken in Majorque at night during full moon in august 2013. The light pattern over water during full moon is a quite caracteristic pattern Read more

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___l-P1120422_ marcotext

I am particularly attracted by the pictures created with very structured surroundings, such as contemporary building with balconies, metallic handrails, glass windows. Read more

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Earlier this year, I started a serie of pictures of the surface of water of the canal Saint Martin in Paris. I was looking for wave patterns to inspire some glass design,something quite specific about the various ripples on the water surface under different wind conditions. Particularly when a fast wind gust superimpose itself with small ripples over bigger ripples pattern Read more

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When the computer crashed and wrote gibberish into the bitmap, the result was something that looked vaguely like static on a broken television set—a ‘snow crash’ “. Read more

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Philip Ball relate in his book Flow, the fascination of Leonardo da Vinci with vortex. After him very few representation of water can be seen in the art world, apart may be, Turner and the impressionist especially Monet, who were more focused onto other aspects of water than just its movement,  the reflection on the surface of water. Read more

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Turing Tribute

Turing 0

This project has been developed to illustrate different potential use of caustics in a building. These illustrations were part of an article co-authored by Thomas Kiser, Michael Eigensatz, Minh Nguyen and Mark Pauly titled “architectural caustics” Read more

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Architectural Caustics

Abstract. Caustics are captivating light patterns created by materials bundling or diverting light by refraction or reflection. Read more

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Death ray

In 212 BC during the siege of Syracuse, Archimedes is known to have constructed a “burning glass” to set the Roman warships afire. An array of reflective surfaces (mirror or reflective  shield) was orientated toward one focal point concentrating enough energy so set the enemy boats on fire, ei a Death ray. Read more

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The ceiling is transparent or translucent, cover by a fine layer of water. The surface of the water is moving due a light breeze. Read more

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Light Bunker II

The project is a large underground void with a portion of roof emerging from the ground, a shell-like structure, segmented in elements, strips or panels, separated by large open joints. Read more

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Light Bunker I

This section present several versions of a project which is set in a desert area where shade is rewarded.  How to reproduce with a renew interest the typical shading Read more

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Constellation – Flow

This is a variation of the Constellation Panel. The same panel is used as a roof. Above this panel there is a glass plan which can contain a thin layer of water. When a slightly  wind ,activate the surface of the water, creating some ripples , the projection of light move accordingly. Read more

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Light X

This room is directly coming from the Light explosion photographic serie which was done during summer 1996 to summer 1998. How to make the light explosion appears at the scale of a room ? Read more

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Light is not a subject , it is a none subject since it is omnipresent, ineluctable, necessary. But when does it become a medium? Read more

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Love Schack

This project is called the ”Love Shack”, it is a small one bedroom house. Read more

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Natural lighting has proved to be one of the most ancient ways of harnessing the energy of the sun. Nowadays its role has evolved to become an almost secondary architectural asset. Natural light is under control. Read more

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Light X Making off

The picture were mostly taken with sun light, although a few were taken with parallel artificial light. They are all reflective caustics, using mirror paper that received a texture. Many were produced in a somewhat random way and then tested with light, back and fourth. Read more

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Light eXplosion

This serie is before all the fruit of faith, the discovery of a white shadow coming from a piece of mirror paper in a trash filled with sunlight.Theses white shadows or « Light explosions » according to Bernardo Zavattini were in fact some caustics, Read more

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Light Shredder

View from Physical model

This serie titled “Light Shredder” is composed of 3 projects which present some slight variation in the making of the main filter. A new version is currently under development. Read more

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The constitution of the canopy by a superposition of structure, of glass with an random spread of ceramic frit line pattern and of the fine layer of water in order to create a space , highly dynamic, variable, intense, fluid, instable. The video below was made from a model Read more

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Constellations are fascinating, the repartition of stars that one can see on clear night sky or on Hubbles pictures as an inspiration. Read more

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